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Cali Native Nitrogen



Cali Native Nitrogen: Superior Plant Vitality from Soy Protein Hydrolysate

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Cali Native Nitrogen, a premium component of the esteemed California Collection, designed to invigorate plant growth and vitality. This innovative, all-natural fertilizer is a soluble nitrogen powder, expertly derived from Soy Protein Hydrolysate, with a potent NPK formulation of 12-0-0. As an agronomist, it's my pleasure to explain, in simple terms, the myriad benefits that Cali Native Nitrogen brings to plants and agriculture.

Key Benefits:

🌱 Boosts Growth and Greening: Nitrogen is a cornerstone nutrient for plants, essential for photosynthesis. Cali Native Nitrogen ensures your plants are lush and green, promoting vigorous growth.

💪 Strengthens Plant Structure: By providing a high nitrogen concentration, it strengthens plant tissues, resulting in more robust stems and leaves.

🌿 Enhances Foliage Development: Ideal for leafy plants and vegetables, it encourages dense, healthy foliage, making it perfect for both aesthetic and edible gardens.

🚀 Fast-Acting Formula: As a soluble powder, Cali Native Nitrogen is quickly absorbed, offering immediate benefits and allowing for easy application in hydroponics, soil, and soil-less systems.

🌼 Supports Overall Plant Health: Nitrogen is vital for the synthesis of amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, ensuring plants can grow, repair damage, and fight off pests more effectively.

Cali Native Nitrogen is versatile and well-suited for a range of horticultural purposes. Whether you're cultivating a lush garden, running a hydroponic setup, or working with soil-less systems, this supplement integrates seamlessly into your existing care routines, providing your plants with the essential nitrogen they need to thrive.

Cali Native Nitrogen stands out in the California Collection as a testament to the power of natural, effective plant nutrition. Derived from sustainable sources and crafted with care, it offers a straightforward solution to enhancing plant growth, structure, and health across various growing environments. Embrace the benefits of this soluble nitrogen powder and witness the transformation in your garden's vitality and productivity.