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Green Lawn and Turf



Green Lawn and Turf: The Ultimate Lawn Revitalization Formula

➡️ Click Here to Download Fact Sheet & Mixing Instructions
 (Please Note:  Shipping of this product to California is not available.)

🌱Ultimate Turf Booster🚀
Transform your lawn into a lush green paradise with our powerful and easy-to-use Dry Powder NPK Fertilizer! 🏡🌿.


Product Highlights:


Dry Powder, Water Soluble - Our innovative formula is designed to dissolve easily, ensuring your lawn gets the nutrients it needs without hassle. 💧

NPK Analysis: 10-0-4 - The perfect blend of essential nutrients for healthy grass and turf growth. 🌾

Primary Function/Use - Elevate your lawn game! This fertilizer aids in grass and turf development while promoting photosynthesis. 📸🌱

Application Made Simple:


🚜 Root Irrigation - Mix 2-10 pounds per acre with enough water for complete coverage. Perfect for hose-end sprayers! 💦

🌿 Lawn Application - For a vibrant lawn, apply 1-2 ounces (28-56 grams) per 1,000 square feet of lawn every 4 weeks. 🏞️

💡 Pro Tip - To ensure thorough dissolution, mix in warm water overnight or use warm tap water with a paint mixer drill attachment. Your lawn will thank you! 🌞

Easy Storage:


🧊 Storage - Keep it cool, dry, and away from light. Seal the container tightly and protect it from moisture for long-lasting freshness.

🌟Revitalize your turf and achieve the lawn of your dreams with our Ultimate Turf Booster! Order yours now and watch your grass thrive!