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Living Water SoilPHIX


Living Water Outdoor: Introducing SoilPHIX Microbes

Enhance Your Soil Quality With Every Irrigation - Ideal for Farms, Vast Acres, and Outdoor Spaces

SoilPHIX microbes are integral to the Living Water system, offered as a subscription service designed for the distinct needs of outdoor agricultural spaces. This service is structured around a monthly per-acre billing model, ensuring tailored coverage for your farming acreage. Upon subscribing, you'll be equipped with our innovative, patent-pending adapter that features an autofill float mechanism and a sophisticated circulation system, making it a perfect fit for any tank you choose. This adapter seamlessly connects to your existing outdoor irrigation system, facilitating an effortless start to the microbe dosing process.


Introducing SoilPHIX for Outdoor Farming: A subscription-based microbial soil enhancer that's part of the Living Water suite, specifically priced on a per-acre, monthly basis to boost the health and output of your outdoor agriculture.


Key Benefits of the SoilPHIX Subscription:


  • Microbial Soil Enhancement: With each monthly shipment, your soil is infused with beneficial microbes, laying the groundwork for a thriving agricultural ecosystem.
  • Soil Biodiversity & Health: The introduction of a diverse microbial population strengthens the soil's ecosystem, crucial for enhancing plant growth and resilience.
  • Soil Structure Improvement: Regular applications improve soil texture, water retention, and aeration, benefiting root systems and potentially increasing yield.
  • Nutrient Release and Accessibility: The microbial action helps decompose organic matter, making essential nutrients more readily available to your crops.
  • Growth Promotion: Includes targeted bacteria to naturally boost crop development, giving you an edge in outdoor farming productivity.
  • Comprehensive Microbial Mix: Each subscription delivery includes Mycorrhizal fungi, Rhizosphere bacteria, and Actinobacteria, enhancing nutrient absorption, disease resistance, and overall plant health.


Your subscription to SoilPHIX is not just a purchase; it's a recurring investment in the sustained excellence and ecological sustainability of your outdoor farming operations. By choosing SoilPHIX, you commit to a monthly partnership that continuously enriches, strengthens, and revitalizes your land, paving the way for a prosperous future in outdoor agriculture.


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