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Micro Greens



Micro Greens

 (Not available in California)

 Introducing Our Premium Lawn and Turf Fertilizer
Achieve the lush, vibrant lawn you've always dreamed of with our cutting-edge Dry Powder Lawn and Turf Fertilizer! 🏡🌿
Product Details:

  • Product Form: Dry Powder, Water-Soluble
  • NPK Analysis: 20-0-0
  • Primary Function: Quick Green-Up of Lawn and Turf
  • Product Designation: Standard (Combines Natural and Synthetic Compounds)
  • Ideal For: Lawns, Turf, and Grass
  • Recommended Application Time: Early to Mid-Season Lawn Care
  • Application Rate: 8 ounces per 5,000 square feet
  • Storage: Seal tightly and store in a cool, dry, dark place

    Why Choose Our Lawn and Turf Fertilizer?
    🌱 Rapid Results: Say goodbye to dull, lackluster lawns! Our high-quality formula with a 20-0-0 NPK analysis is designed for one primary purpose – to provide your lawn with a quick and stunning green transformation. Your neighbors will envy your lawn's vibrancy!
    🏡 Versatile Use: Whether you have a small home lawn or manage a sprawling turf, our product is versatile and adaptable to various grass types. It's perfect for maintaining a picturesque green canvas in your backyard or a pristine playing surface on your sports field. 🌟
    🌞 Optimal Seasonal Application: For best results, apply our Dry Powder Lawn Fertilizer during the early to mid-season when your lawn is in need of an energy boost. Watch your grass respond with renewed vigor, even in challenging conditions! ☀️
    💪 Balanced Nutrition: Our product combines the benefits of natural compounds with synthetic compounds commonly used in conventional lawn care, ensuring your lawn receives a well-rounded nutritional blend for sustainable growth. 🍃

    Application Instructions:
    • Ensure your lawn is dry before application.
    • Use a spreader for even distribution.
    • Measure 8 ounces of our Dry Powder Lawn Fertilizer per 5,000 square feet.
    • Spread the fertilizer evenly over your lawn, making sure to cover the entire area.
    • Water your lawn lightly to activate the fertilizer.

            Storage Tips:
            To maintain the effectiveness of your Dry Powder Lawn Fertilizer, store it in a cool, dry, and dark place. Seal the container tightly to prevent moisture from affecting the product's quality.
            Revitalize your lawn and enjoy the lush, green oasis you deserve with our Dry Powder Lawn Fertilizer. Say hello to a healthier, more vibrant lawn today! 🌿🏡

            *We recommend being aware that in the state of California, this product is not suitable for organic crop and organic food production. Additionally, it's advisable to store this product in a location that is inaccessible to young children.