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Bloom Enhancers


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Cali Humic Acid


Cali Humic Acid: The Ultimate Water-Soluble Enhancer! ➡️ Click Here to Download Fact Sheet & Mixing Instructions Introducing Cali Humic Acid, a distinguished member of our revered California Collection, meticulously designed to meet the sophisticated needs of discerning growers and garden enthusiasts. As an agronomist, I'm excited to guide you through the transformative benefits of this all-natural, American-made humic acid...

Triple Threat


About Triple Threat Introducing the revolutionary Triple Threat product – your essential companion for nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium enrichment during both growth and bloom stages, regardless of the plant type. 🌱 The Power of Triple Threat Unleashed: Experience the extraordinary potential of the Triple Threat formula, a harmonious blend of essential nutrients that plants crave. Nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium combine...

Cali Liquid Gold


Cali Liquid Gold: Plant Nutrient Solution ➡️ Click Here to Download Fact Sheet & Mixing Instructions Introducing Cali Liquid Gold, a standout addition to the California Collection, marking a revolution in natural gardening solutions. This liquid fertilizer is a game-changer for those seeking effective, natural options for plant nutrition without the traditional inconveniences. Cali Liquid Gold, derived from grain solubles,...

Bud Hardener


About Bud Hardener ➡️ Click Here to Download Fact Sheet & Mixing Instructions (Please Note: Shipping of this product to California is not available.) Experience unparalleled flower and fruit development with our All Natural Fertilizer boasting an NPK analysis of 0-45-28. Tailored for the mid-bloom stage, this potent formula stimulates flower growth, enhancing both size and mass. Whether used alone...

Silica Powder


Silica Powder  (Not available in California) Introducing our Natural and Organic Silica Powder 🌿💪   Are you ready to take your plant care to the next level? Our Natural Silica Powder is here to supercharge your gardening experience. With the power to stimulate proper cell structure and strengthen plant tissue, your plants will thrive even in challenging conditions like heat,...

Cali Extreme Blend


About Cali Extreme Blend ➡️ Click Here to Download Fact Sheet & Mixing Instructions Introducing Cali Extreme Blend, a revolutionary agricultural fertilizer specifically formulated to meet the unique needs of your crops with an NPK analysis of 10-0-1. This premium, water-soluble, dry powder fertilizer is designed to enhance plant growth, vigor, and yield, making it an essential tool for farmers...

Early Bloom Pack Blend


About Early Bloom Pack Blend ➡️ Click Here to Download Fact Sheet & Mixing Instructions The Early Bloom Pack, a premier offering from the California Collection, meticulously designed to supercharge the early bloom and flowering stage of your plants. This soluble bloom blend powder represents a fusion of the finest qualities of organic and conventional nutrients, delivering a powerful boost...