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Bud Hardener



About Bud Hardener

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Experience unparalleled flower and fruit development with our All Natural Fertilizer boasting an NPK analysis of 0-45-28. Tailored for the mid-bloom stage, this potent formula stimulates flower growth, enhancing both size and mass. Whether used alone or alongside other fertilizers, it serves as a powerful bud hardener, reinforcing plant structure and resilience. With the support it provides to bloom, bud, and fruit development, expect exceptional results at harvest. For mixing instructions and safety data, visit Ncresco.com today and unlock the full potential of your crops.

📊 NPK Analysis: 0-45-28.

🌺 Optimized for Mid-Bloom Stage: Our all-natural soluble fertilizer, with an NPK analysis of 0-45-28, is specifically formulated to stimulate flower development during the mid-bloom stage, promoting an increase in the size and mass of flowers and fruits.

🔄 Versatile Application: This fertilizer may be applied by itself or in combination with other fertilizer or nutrient products, providing growers with flexibility and compatibility in their fertilization regimen.

💪 Bud Hardener: Acting as a potent bud hardener, this fertilizer supplement enhances the hardness and density of buds and flowers, resulting in improved overall plant structure and resilience.

🏆Unprecedented Results at Harvest: Incorporate this fertilizer into your bloom nutrient regimen to achieve exceptional results at harvest. With its unique formulation, it delivers results like never seen before, ensuring abundant and high-quality yields.

🌼 Supports Bloom, Bud, and Fruit Development: Our fertilizer is specifically designed to support all stages of bloom, bud, flowering, and fruit development, providing plants with the essential nutrients they need for optimal growth and productivity.

🌸 Enhanced Flowering and Fruit Set: By providing a high concentration of phosphorus and potassium, our soluble fertilizer promotes enhanced flowering and fruit set, ensuring a bountiful harvest with improved yield quality.

⬆️ Boosts Nutrient Uptake: This fertilizer not only supports bloom and bud development but also enhances nutrient uptake, allowing plants to efficiently absorb and utilize essential nutrients for healthy growth and development.