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Early Bloom Pack Blend



About Early Bloom Pack Blend

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The Early Bloom Pack, a premier offering from the California Collection, meticulously designed to supercharge the early bloom and flowering stage of your plants. This soluble bloom blend powder represents a fusion of the finest qualities of organic and conventional nutrients, delivering a powerful boost of highly pure minerals and natural additives. With an NPK analysis of 2-15-15, the Early Bloom Pack is engineered to provide an extensive range of fertilization benefits, enhancing plant health and supplying essential micro and macro nutrients tailored for the mid-bloom regimen. Proudly American-made and distributed by Ncresco, this pack distills decades of agricultural expertise into a single, potent formula. Every ingredient has been carefully selected to uphold the highest standards of quality and efficacy.


Key Benefits:

🌸 Optimized for Early Bloom: Specifically crafted to support plants in the early bloom/flowering stage, ensuring vibrant blooms and optimal growth.

🍀 Comprehensive Nutrition: Offers a broad spectrum of micro and macro nutrients, vital for plant health during this critical phase of development.

🔍 Balanced NPK Ratio: The 2-15-15 NPK ratio is perfectly balanced to promote flowering and fruit production without compromising plant health.

🌱 Versatile Application: Suitable for hydroponics, soil, and soil-less systems, making it a flexible choice for gardeners and farmers alike.

💧 Soluble Formula: Easy to dissolve and apply, ensuring that plants can quickly absorb and utilize the nutrients provided.

The Early Bloom Pack is your go-to solution for nurturing plants in their mid-bloom stage. Its soluble nature allows for straightforward integration into your watering routine, providing your plants with the nutrition they need to flourish.

The Early Bloom Pack from the California Collection is more than just a fertilizer; it's a comprehensive plant health solution designed for the crucial early bloom stage. By leveraging the collective wisdom of seasoned agricultural experts and the best in natural and conventional nutrient sources, this product sets a new standard for plant care. Whether you're cultivating a lush garden, managing a hydroponic system, or nurturing soil-less setups, the Early Bloom Pack offers the quality, versatility, and performance to elevate your gardening efforts. Embrace this 100% American-made innovation and witness the transformative power of expertly crafted plant nutrition.